Property Lettings


  Are you a homeowner thinking of letting out your property? or having difficulty selling your property and need to move out?

  Are you a Landlord with one or more properties?

   Whatever your situation, we can help.
   What we provide:
    Photographs of the property and a "TO LET" Board
     Property marketed on Zoopla and other portals and on Social Media sites
     Appointments made for Tenants to view property and to check their suitability.
     Escorted viewings
     Tenants fully referenced and Credit checked 
     Tenancy Agreements completed
     Security Deposit taken
     Arrange rental collection
     Monthly Statements provided.
     We will also follow up if there are any late payments or non payment of rent.
     Repairs to the property at competitive prices, can be organised for you or the Tenant and completed up to an agreed amount by yourself and Invoice forwarded on to you for payment.
     6 monthly property check up 
     Property checked at end of Tenancy and keys collected.
     If required, Tenancy Renewal completed.
     Required from yourself:  E.P.C. (Energy Performance Certificate).  If you do not have one we can arrange one for you at an additional cost. (£75.00)
                                                Up to date Gas Safety Certificate.  We can also arrange to have one done for you at an additional cost. (Cost to be advised at time of booking)
                                                Inventory on the property at start of Tenancy.  We can do one for you if required, at an additional cost. (From £95.00)
     For this Service we require £250 plus vat payable upfront and then only   8% PER MONTH MANAGEMENT FEE
      Do you want to manage your own property but just require help in finding a suitable Tenant?  Then NTM can help.
   What we provide:
      Property photographs
      Marketed on Website and On line.  Zoopla and other portals and Social Media
      Appointments made for Tenant to view property with yourselves at a suitable time and/or escorted viewing.
      Tenant Referencing and Credit checks
      Tenancy Agreement supplied
      Security Deposit taken
    What we require from you:
      EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) (We can arrange one for you if required at an extra cost £75.00)
      Current Gas Safe Certificate (We can arrange one for you if required at an extra cost (Cost advised at time of booking)
    For this Service we require payment upfront of only £250.00 plus vat
   Are you looking for your next home? Call us now with your requirements and put your name down on our list.

    Please note when we have found a property that you would like to rent, you will need to provide us with the following:

   . Name,  any Previous name/s and Date of Birth
       . Proof of I>D 
    . Current address
     . Previous address /s
    . Employment details - current
                                              - previous
    . Two Independent References - not family
     . Signed permission to enable us to check your Credit History and suitability to rent.
     . If accepted, prior to moving in you are required to provide a months Security deposit to be held secure in a Clients Account and one Months rent upfront.
     .There are no other costs involved. 
     . At the end of your Tenancy, if we are still managing the property, and you wish to stay longer, if all rent is up to date and the Landlord is happy to resign you, then there will be no charge to re-sign a new agreement.
  We confirm that as per the Data Protection Act 1998, your details will not be passed on to any third party.